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Frequently Asked Questions

It is good to have your puppy become familiar with grooming as early as possible after the first set of puppy shots, usually 12-16 weeks of age. This will help him learn at an early age that grooming is a pleasant experience. 

Regular grooming of your pet has two main benefits: aesthetic, and health.

Aesthetic, or pleasing to the eyes, is the most obvious reason. They look better, they appear better cared for, they have fewer and less displeasing odors, etc.

The health reasons are many as well. The skin and coat act to regulate the temperature of the body, act as a barrier to lessen or prevent trauma to the inner organs, and act as a barrier to infection. If the fur is matted, it can trap debris and infection underneath the mat which can destroy the skin’s protective abilities. Matting can also cause pain if the mats are tightly woven enough. Also, heavily matted pets can have trouble regulating their temperature, especially in the heat. Regular and timely grooming can also help with keeping a healthy balance of the pet’s natural oils in the skin as well.

Some pets grow a lot of fur on the face and around the eyes. This fur, if not kept trimmed, can damage, scratch, or irritate the eyes chronically. They can also trap debris which can do the same damage to the eyes. If left unchecked and untreated, these can lead to impaired vision or even blindness.

Yes, please do! Our salon is in high demand, which means we tend to book our days well in advance. Many of our clients have standing appointments every few weeks, so scheduling last-minute can be more difficult. The sooner you schedule with us, the better the availability will be. While we will accept walk-ins when we have time, we can’t guarantee there will be an opening.

Older pets often need special care and attention. We recommend the style be kept short and easy to maintain to keep the grooming process to a minimum amount of time. 
Baths include:
1-3 cycles of shampoo, possibly 1 cycle of conditioner, hand-dry as tolerated by dog, brush and / or comb out.
Groom includes:
Everything included for bathing plus a full cut / style based on breed standards and / or your specific requests, Nails trimmed, and ears cleaned.
ll fees are based on the length of time it takes to complete the service rather than by breed. Size, behavior, condition and health of coat, length and density of coat, and length of time between visits will all affect the price. 
To maintain a proper / manageable coat for non-shedding breeds such as Poodles, Bichons, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Terriers, you should have your dog groomed every 4-6 weeks. If they are kept in a very short cut, these breeds may be able to go 8-10 weeks. Breeds that have short, shedding coats can usually wait 8-12 weeks between grooming appointments, as long as they are brushed regularly at home. 

Generally a dog’s nails need trimming every 6 weeks.

Most clients prefer to keep the same groomer. If your dog is nervous and / or you have specific requests, we find that coming back to the same groomer works best because it fosters a relationship between the client, groomer, and dog.

 Approximate times for each treatment are listed on our Services page.  The time taken will depend on the condition and length of your pet’s hair.   We will contact you prior to the end of the treatment to advise what time you should pick up your pet.

To minimize the stress on the dogs, we prefer they be picked up as soon after they are finished, as possible. 

Yes. The groomer will discuss your options and try to achieve the same result.
We prefer hand drying all dogs with a variable speed, high velocity dryer. This allows us to get a better finished look as well as gives us a chance to get a good look at your dog’s skin to asses any potential health issues. If your dog does not tolerate this method, we will use a warm / non-heated air circulating fan to “air dry” the coat.
If the hair is allowed to knot or develop “matts”, it is unhealthy for the dog’s skin. It may be possible to “dematt” the coat, if it can be done without causing pain to the dog. Unfortunately, the process is often painful or can cause irritation to the dog’s skin. If your dog is matted, we will discuss with you what can be done. 
Matted coats can cause a variety of skin and health problems. When your pet is extremely tangled, matted, or densely coated there are increased risks of stress, trauma, and / or injury. If possible, we will carefully de-mat your pet’s coat.
If the coat is severely matted or we determine that de-matting would be in-humane for your pet, we will need to remove the coat with clippers. Please feel free to discuss your pet’s needs and our dematt policy with one of our pet stylists.
Our groomers are familiar with most of the breed standards and are very experienced with more popular breeds. Many clients do not groom to the breed standard because of the maintenance required. Also, we encourage you to bring in pictures of previous grooms, if available. 
Your satisfaction is very important to us! If you notice something at pick up and one of our staff members are still in, they can often take care of it for you prior to leaving the facility. If you notice something after you leave, we ask that you give us a call within 48 hours so we can arrange a time to tweak the groom while it is still relatively fresh.
Absolutely, although our top-rated product line is designed to promote a healthy coat and skin.
If your veterinarian has prescribed or suggested an alternate shampoo rather than our product line, we will gladly use it. Please note, many prescribed shampoos / conditioners require 5-10 minutes of contact time. If this is the case, our bather will stay with your dog and gently massage the product into their coat and skin. An additional fee will be added for this time.
These are scent sacs found right under your dog’s tail. Some dogs empty them naturally, some do not. Please consult with your veterinarian. Some veterinarians prefer that groomers NOT express the glands, therefore we do not do this in our salon.
We have a strict no drying cages policy.  All pooch’s are finished by hand by our experienced stylists.  We choose this for the safety and well-being of our canine clients, and while this increases the treatment time we refuse to compromise by operating equipment and practices used by other groomers.

 As your pet loves you very much they will wiggle and move around trying to get close to you which is not safe while we are grooming.  It is best to drop off your pet at their scheduled appointment time, and then come back when the treatment is finished. We are very happy to show our customers around the Spa so they can see where their pet will have their treatment.  Also please feel free to give us a call any time during the treatment to find out how your pet is doing.

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